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Running Mason from the Command Line

Supplying the file to be processed

Mason does not provide any prompts. The file to be processed must be given in the command line.
   -mason test.msn

Command line options

Mason can accept the following command line arguments, each followed by a file name:
   -c:    output the run time information to the following console file
-pf: use the following file to set the paths
(the file simply contains the desired paths, one per line
 -v: verbose mode, output useful data
-t: change the XML file used for validation

When using command line arguments (but not when using the pathfile option) remember that if the path contains a space, quotes are needed to encapsulate the path.
-mason  –pf paths.txt --c mason.out test.msn

If no argument is provided, Mason runs several validation cases.

To spoof how Mason runs from the TinyCAD, use:
    mason -n validation/ -d validation/test.dsn.msn validation/test.dsn.msn.xml