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To provide a relatively flexible run environment, the location of the models used for a Mason run are defined in a file, paths.txt. The file simply contains the desired paths, one per file.

The file does not have to be in the same directory as where Mason is run. The user can specify a path with the filename. To keep Mason files portable, avoid using paths that start in the root directory (“c:\bin\touchstone\networks\match1.sp”).

When Mason is run, default paths can be provided. Mason will first start searching the run path; if it cannot find the file it will try the default paths in the order they are listed in “paths.txt”. If the location of paths.txt is not in the working directory, it can be declared using the -p command.

Assume paths.txt includes: “c:\bin\touchstone\” (no quotes, and the trailing slash is important). If Mason were run from “c:\mason”, then (using the previous example) first “c:\mason\match1.sp” would be tried; if that file did not exist, then “c:\bin\touchstone\match1.sp” would be tried.

The direction of the slash in the path (which differs between Windows and Linux file systems) is automatically fixed.

    <model alias = “match”>
<file name = “networks/match1.sp”> okay
<file name = “networks\match2.sp”> okay

The install for TinyCad should automatically create a folder in the application path of the "All Users" directory in Documents and Settings, and link to that folder. Linux users may need to set the path themselves.