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Run from the GUI

Running Mason

Before running Mason, make sure each device has a unique name. Assuming valid Mason devices are being used, the “Generate Symbol Reference” command will take care of producing unique names. If this step is skipped, Mason may not run correctly.

Run Mason through the Toolbar

  1. “M” runs Mason
  2. “P” opens up a simple plot program.
  3. “C” opens up the console-- a display of information from when Mason ran.
  4. “U” updates the display to show the schematic after optimization (assuming the optimizer has run.
  5. “S” saves the optimized schematic values to the original file name.

Optimizing with Mason

A typical scenario (assuming the optimizer is defined) is to:
  1. Run Mason (click on the "M")
  2. Check if you're happy with the results (look at the plots with "P")
  3. Update the values, if desired...
    1. Click on the "U" to load the TinyCAD file with optimized values, stored temporarily in file.dsn.msn.xml.opt.dsn
    2. To store this permanently, click on the "S" which overwrites file.dsn
    3. To return to the old values, go to File -> Load, and load file.dsn