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Units are case-sensitive. Generally only units with useful conversions are defined. Unit tracking or aggregation is generally not desired. If no unit is defined, the default is assumed. The following is a list of standard units.


  • Default is meter. Permissible units are:
    • m
    • mil, mils
    • in, inch
    • ft, foot, feet
    • mi, mile


  • Default is degrees. Permissible units are:
    • deg, degree, degrees
    • rad, radian, radians


  • Default is seconds. Permissible units are:
    • day, dy, days
    • hour, hours, hr, hrs
    • min, minutes, minute
    • s, second, seconds


  • Permissible units are:
    • %


  • Permissible units are:
    • dB: linear translation assumes "voltage" dB, e.g. -3dB is 0.7071 (convention for S-Parameters)


Default is no modifier. If the unit is not one of the above, then the first character in the unit will set the multiplier. Therefore 'nF', 'nH', 'n', and 'no_unit' are all equivalent to Mason (obviously the last one would cause confusing results for the unwary designer).
  • f (1e-15)
  • p (1e-12)
  • n (1e-9)
  • u (1e-6)
  • m (1e-3)
  • c (1e-2)
  • d (1e-1)
  • D (1e1)
  • k (1e3)
  • M (1e6)
  • G (1e9)
  • T (1e12)