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When Mason is run without supplying a file to run, several validation runs will be made. These cover the following abilities of Mason (not necessarily in this order):

  • Mason solves very simple networks
  • Multiple devices may be on a node
  • Multiple devices plus a port may be on a node
  • Ports may be shorted
  • Ports may be open
  • Ports may have an arbitrary impedance
  • Primitive components are working properly
  • Sub--circuits are working properly
  • Variables and calculations are working properly
  • Optimization
  • Optimization and statistical analysis

To run any of the validations, the path where the models are stored must be supplied (possibly in the validation folder), plus the path to the primitives and sub-circuits (varies).

When performing validations, the random number generator is seeded with a known value for consistent performance. Otherwise, the random number generator is seeded with the time when Mason started.

The input and output files used for validation are in validation/validation.xml.