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GUI Updates

posted Sep 22, 2011, 7:06 PM by Gregory Kiesel
It has been a while since I posted comments... major update for GUI.

In TinyCAD, in the optimizer or statistical analysis block, if you set the "optimizer" or "argument" to not be shown ("Show?"), then that will disable that optimizer or goal.

If you set the Reference for ports or devices (Like _Port1, or TL1) to be not shown, that will remove the device from the circuit.  This will not affect Flags, Variable blocks (including microstrip and stripline properties), calculation blocks, or Frequency blocks.

If you set the argument for a variable block (including microstrip or stripline properties) or a calculation block to not be shown, that will remove that variable or calculation.

If you set the argument in the Flag block to be not shown, that flag setting will not be used.

The big exception is that devices (like TL1) can have arguments that are not shown, but are still used.

Also, I recently made the 30% - 50% faster.