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GUI updates

posted Aug 2, 2010, 7:54 AM by Gregory Kiesel   [ updated Aug 12, 2010, 12:57 AM ]
This week I focused on updating the GUI parts of Circuit Mason.  The biggest update is with the schematic capture tool.  I've made some usability improvements on how things are displayed on the schematic.  I've also tweaked the plotting program and compiling it statically so hopefully people don't need to download the VC++ 10 run-time library anymore.

Now, if you run Mason and Update  the schematic (the "U" button), components based on a collection of Touchstone files will display not just the "value" (which file is being used), they will also display whatever is in the corresponding "File_desc" parameter... which should be the actual value.  So, rather than getting "value = 1", you will see "value = 1 (1: 0.1pF)"... a bit more human readable.

I no longer display optimization and statistical details for each part on the schematic.  I found that made the schematic too cluttered.  I may make this a flag that you can set in the GUI eventually.