Circuit Mason

Complete RF Design Chain

Circuit Mason

    Full featured frequency domain RF circuit simulator

    Integrated schematic capture (TinyCad)

       Available command line interface

    Several built-in optimizers and statistical tools

        Random, Simplex (Gradient), Genetic, Sweep

        Monte Carlo, Yield Optimization

    Powerful schematic features

        Variables and calculations, subcircuits, and units

    Output microstrip layouts to Mentor PADS ASCII file


Mason Plot

    Smith Chart and Rectangular Plots

    Plot up to six equations, colors and labels

    Plot statistical outputs from Mason



    Transmission line calculator (and more)

    Analyze based on physical inputs

    Synthesize based on desired electrical properties

    Uses any model from the "Open Model" Project

Mason Educational Resources Project

    Develop resources for learning RF with Mason

    Develop resources for advanced RF topics

    Link to Folded Dipole project (pictured above)


The Open RF Model Project 

   Electrical and physical models of several devices

        S-Parameters defined algebraically

        Physical shapes for Layout defined algebraically

        Transmission lines, antennas, connectors, etc.

    Files in easily understood XML

    Interfaces to Circuit Mason and PrimCalc

Wave Mason

        Simulate wave motions through multiple materials

Several stimulus options

Copyright 2010, Gregory Kiesel