Change Log

Version 4.0: (5 Dec 2010)

Updating the way Mason's primitive files use arguments. Fixes a potential problem with the variable stack. Fixed a bug in subcircuit output.

Version 4.0.1: (12 Dec 2010)

Fixed how units were displayed in Mason's Touchstone output. Calculations now also output.

Version 4.0.2: (14 Dec 2010)

PADS decals named more creatively. Fixed connection point bug which lead to big pads in the layout. Added mlintaper to the Mason library.

Version 4.0.2b: (19 Dec 2010)

Fixed a scaling problem in the Mason Plot phase plot.

Version 4.0.3:

New installer. Added first order elliptic integral.

Version 4.0.5: (18 May 2011)

Added some MOR (Method of Relaxation) code features.

PrimCalc fixed to provide a default location for the models, rather than initially having to find them.

Version 4.0.6: (20 Apr 2011)

Added some MOR code features, and documented the function calls.

All Circuit Mason code (including TinyCAD for Mason) will run under Wine!

Updated the example file.

Upgraded the Mason Libraries to the TCLib (from mdb).

Fixed a bug where Mason would crash if you tried to Save a file that wasn't updated.

Version 4.0.7: (27 Apr 2011)

Added some MOR code features, and documented the function calls. Fixed an MOR bug, added features to PrimCalc and Mason Plot.

Version 4.0.8: (29 Apr 2011)

MOR bug fixes.

Version 4.0.8b,c: (29 Apr 2011)

Trying to get working with Wine.

Version 4.0.9: (05 May 2011)

Fixed output for directories that use a period in the structure.

Version 4.0.10: (09 May 2011)

Fixed a bug in adding keepouts to the artwork (PCB issue). Changed how strpilines are handled in the PCB. May break old stripline models (need to add extra arguments).

Version 4.0.11: (12 May 2011)

fixed a bug with the group delay; fixed a bug in loading equations with Mason Plot

Version 4.0.12: (16 May 2011)

Fixed a bug that prevented calculations from being accessible in the figure of merit calculations. Fixed another bug in loading equations with Mason Plot- frequency updates correctly now. Mason Plot updates the file information. Updated Stripline libraries. Fixed microstrip transition symbol.

version 4.0.13: (4 July 2011)

more robust model search for files within the local design folder

version 4.0.14: (2 Aug 2011)

version 4.0.14: added a feature to restrict the frequencies used in goals- "freq_start" and "freq_stop" define the start and stop frequency for that particular goal to be evaluated.

version 4.0.14b/c: (8 Aug 2011)

b: sped up the plot function

c: fixed the K-function for values very close to 1 (was causing the iterative loop to hang)

version 4.0.14c: (22 Aug 2011)

Added a missing DLL for Windows 7.

version 4.0.15: (26 Aug 2011)

Updated microstrip gap model, added version number to PrimCalc and Plot to help sync builds

version4.0.15b: (29 Aug 2011)

Added a Panasonic inductor library

version 4.1: (15 Sept 2011)

Code should run 30% - 50% faster. Minor bug fixes.

version 4.1.2: (23 Sept 2011)

Added GUI feature, by using the "show?"/no feature, many simulation elements can be turned off. See TinyCAD specific documentation for how that works. Minor bug fixes.

version 4.1.3: (24 Sept 2011)

Updated TCLIB files to take advantage of new show?/disable feature. fixed make_primitive feature, was installing to the Program Files location.

version 4.2: (28 Sept 2011)

Adding the ability to invert some devices for de-embeding.

version 4.2.1:

Fixed problem with Windows 7 install. Added balanced four-port de-embedding.

version 4.2.2:

Fixed bug, if Touchstone file did not exist, failed without warning.

version 4.2.3: (10 Nov 2011)

Improved Plot routine, not can specify normalization for Smith Charts and text for legends.

version 4.2.4:

CPW with ground plane backing models; fixed some Mason Plot issues.

version 4.2.5:

Fixed figuring how to detect missing files in the simulation (I hope)

version 4.2.5b:

Added model of flat_wire_inductor.xml in TinyCAD mason_lumped_elements

version 4.2.6:

Fixed bugs in some models.

version 4.3:

Major upgrade to PrimCalc- added the ability to view descriptions of the model directly in PrimCalc. Where needed, added synthesis parameters to models so they run in PrimCalc. Initially describe microstrip, stripline, and lumped element models, will add coplanar and possibly some miscellaneous others in 4.3.1 soon.

version 4.3.1:

Updated models, made improvements to the look of PrimCalc's description.

version 4.4:

Major upgrade to TinyCAD- can now left click in the "Tool Option" text and the cursor will appear in about the right place. Need to fix a logical unit to pixel mapping problem to improve the mapping of click and cursor. Also, added a button in the TinyCAD "Tool Option", so one can now launch PrimCalc and load the appropriate primitive model. This does not fill in the appropriate values, just simplifies launching PrimCalc. Version 4.4.1 will probably fix the logical/ pixel mapping.

version 4.4.1:

Minor tweak on version 4.4, think I fixed the mapping of clicking to the right place in the text box. Can now delete Arguments even if they were originally came with the part - to make dealing with optimization, variable, and calculation blocks easier to deal with. Value column defaults to more reasonable value.

version 4.4.2:

Minor tweak on version 4.4.1, can now use CTRL+SHIFT+F to perform a search on text in the design file. CTRL+F still is flip- I never use flip, but am keeping it for historical compatibility.

version 4.4.3:

Can now add new arguments anywhere in the "Tool Option" list box, not just at the end. Click a location and click "add" and a new argument row will be added. Ports will be mapped correctly based on defined number, and not by order added in the design. Multiple calculation blocks can now be used. Fixed a "bug" in genetic algorithm where the best solution can be mutated to be bad, losing the best solution. Added a warning so if a component is turned off (refdes set to no show) Mason reminds you.

version 4.4.3:

Fixed how TinyCAD add elements in the middle of the Tool Options. TinyCAD's Generating Symbol References defaults to All Sheets now. Ports and calculation blocks should parse according to the number, not the order added. TinyCAD tool option display rearranges items when something is added or deleted. Fixed some optimizer issues which could cause the best answer to be lost when dealing with highly non-linear figures of merit. Mason now checks for duplicate parts in the design file (same ref des) and throws a warning. When a dynamic component fails an assumption the actual calculated value is displayed. Prevent Figures of Merit from reporting NaN (and other out of range issues).

version 4.4.4:

The Primcalc button in TinyCAD now launches a generic Primcalc window if the Tool Option is not referring to an actual primitive. I think I'm handling "bad" arguments in Variable, Calculation, and Optimization blocks. "Bad" arguments are most likely caused when the user adds an argument and leaves it undefined. Now reports when variables report as NaN.

version 4.4.5:

Better handling of comments in variable and calculation blocks.

version 4.4.6:

Trying to save during optimization more. Can embed units after calculations as follows:

Argument | W3 = W1 ; unit: mil ; this is an invisible comment

version 4.4.7:

Changed how the optimizer outputs figures of merits- added more details.

version 4.4.8:

Improved how the optimizer outputs figures of merits- added more details. Improved the opt_output function (output the Touchstone file / update the plot / output the latest best circuit to TinyCAD schematic).

version 4.5:

Fixed bug for Prim2Pads- sometimes combined ASCII reported too many ports, corrupted the file.

Added PADS-INDIVIDUAL flag (only output PCB files with each individual component)

Added PADS-COMBINED flag (only output PCB file with components combined to one decal)

Added FIRST_POST flag (control which component the decal starts layout with)

Added mradialstub

Added bessel functions to the math parser

Added units to built-in contants

Subcircuits can now output to PADS ASCII files, other improvements

Mason Plot has Y-Labels, other features

version 4.5.1:

Improvements to plotting program

version 4.5.3:

Added ability to parse non-simulation components into a PADS ASC file for unplaced parts.

version 4.5.4:


    1. can double click on optimizer, stat tool, and variable block parameters and cycle between argument, optimizer, and spacer.

    2. when performing an Update and Save (using the Mason toolbar), the Save will create a back-up of the old file.

TinyCAD Libraries:

    1. fixed graphics in mason_rfblock and mason_general

    2. fixed Hittite switch param

Mason Plot:

    1. Can load just the equations, and not open a new file

    2. Changed the trace label to be enclosed with double quote instead of single quote


    1. Fixed bug in folding back values to the DSN file when non-electrical devices present

version 4.5.5:

Mason: Fixed bug in putting too many nodes on a net in the ASC file

version 4.5.6:

Mason: Update a Value field and the Name field on "Update" after simulation (makes for better BOM)

Models: Updated models, added models

TinyCAD: Added the ability to drop-down select files (for file based models)

Installer: Better uninstaller

Installer: Fixed mason_models link

version 4.5.7:

TinyCAD: fixed drop-down select box

TinyCAD: added argument edit fields for first three visible arguments

Mason: minor tweaks for TinyCAD features.

version 4.5.8:

TinyCAD: added a fourth row of edit fields for first four visible arguments

Models: added <noopt> statements for lots of models (for convenience)

version 4.5.9:

MasonPlot: Fixed a bug with loading equations (but not file)

MasonPlot: Added ability to save plots to tab delimited file (can load in Matlab)

version 4.5.10:

TinyCAD: fixed a problem with the PrimCalc launcher

version 4.5.11:

Mason and models: fixed a bug with the ground symbol

version 4.6:

New decal output file for PADS ASCII added; made solder layer "copper" pieces work

version 4.6.1:

Bug fixes to the PADS ASCII COMBINED2 function

version 4.7:

Added a tool for making footprints for the ASCII decals, plus a silkscreen layer output for Pin 1 indicator.

version 4.7.1:

Bug fixes for decal tool and PADS ASCII generation (over 80 char error)

version 4.7.2:

Bug fixes for decal tool

version 4.7.3:

fixed PrimCalc textbox misalignmet, added some libraries (touchstone), added time delay version of line

version 4.7.4:

bug fixes for decal tool, touchstone library changes

version 4.7.5:

Changing the way the PADS output works, fixing problem with false positives for connectivity errors. Fixing some wxFootPrint GUI errors.

version 4.7.6:

Added some file output options. Improved the way terminals are handled with PADS.

version 4.7.7:

Bug fixes, added stat output option but broke actual file output; fixed genetic algorithm forced mutation bug where variables sometimes randomly set to zero

version 4.7.8:

Added a check, if the simulation frequency is outside of the Touchstone boundary, throws a warning. Improved mutation.

Bug fixes: didn't disable forced mutations if the variable was in the wrong optimization set. Improved the combined ASCII generation script, bug that sometimes the wrong number of pads or copper pieces would be reported.

Copyright 2010, Gregory Kiesel