How to Contribute

You can contribute in a number of Really Useful ways. I'll even credit Major Contributors. For now I believe contributions can filter through the discussion page (linked to the left).

    1. Provide friendly feedback

      1. Bugs

        1. Describe the bug

        2. Provide either a Mason file or a TinyCAD file that shows the bug

        3. Understand that the file may be folded into the validation cases

      2. Feature requests- what does the community want?

    2. Help create libraries

      1. This does not involve code- only creating new XML Dynamic Files or TinyCAD components

      2. If you become a member of the forum, you can attach files to postings

      3. Create TinyCAD GUI models for Touchstone-based manufacturer's libraries

        1. More aggregated models available translates to more design choices possible

        2. Be sensitive to NDAs and copyrights (where you see them)

      4. Create new, documented Primitive models

        1. Include a history tag with the source- I want to be able to verify all models preferably through an IEEE source

          1. Books are notoriously prone to have errors in their equations

          2. Please verify all equations from the first source

          3. Peer reviewing really does work (IEEE papers are peer reviewed, text books often not so much)

        2. I encourage you to include your name in the history tag

        3. Where appropriate, please include the PCB tag

    1. Help with documentation

      1. The Wiki could use more illustrations, better presentation of theory, and practical advice

      2. It is really hard to document one's own code- it all makes perfect sense to me

    1. Monetary donations

      1. The online documentation is the most current, and I get AdSense dollars from your visits

      2. I can be hired to make specific improvements/ develop particular features